Now Hiring in Los Angeles: Earn $600 per day as a DP + More Paid Jobs

Please note that shoot dates are subject to state and county restrictions and may change. Refer to Call Sheet for the latest updates and keep checking Backstage for the latest news on project development during this time.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: LIVE STREAM Theatre company A Noise Within is seeking a DP with gear or the ability and transportation to use gear rentals to shoot a 90-minute theatre piece with two actors. The DP will need to consult with the theatre’s creative team three to four times prior to shoot days, which will include additional pay beginning Jan. 12. The team will also need the DP for one day of shoot prepping. The shoot dates are Jan. 30–31. This could lead to a permanent role. Pay is $600 per day but negotiable. Apply here before Jan. 12!